1970-talet lever! Nu finns Filmhållare för Pocket Instamatic 110-film för att skanna in de gamla 110-bilderna på en Plustek filmskanner. 110-film, även känt som Pocket Instamatic, lanserades på 1970-talet av Kodak. Många miljoner bilder har tagits med de populära kamerorna. Och nu kan man alltså digitalisera dem för att ge nytt liv åt 1970-talet. Hållarna passar alla Plustek filmskannrar utom OpticFilm 120 och OpticFilm 120 Pro.

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Plustek filmhållare för 110-film

Pocket Instamatic

Filmsystemet beskrivs av Camerapedia:

After the success of Kodak’s 126 cartridge “Instamatic” cameras, 110 was introduced in 1972 to take advantage of improvements in film allowing smaller format negatives. The first Kodak cameras being branded “Pocket Instamatic. The 110 cartridge contains 16mm wide film, with one perforation at each frame which engaged with a pin beside the film gate to control the film advance. Like 126, 110 film is pre-exposed with a border and frame number between the frames. The film is paper-backed; the paper being printed with frame numbers, visible through a small window in the cartridge’s rear; a larger window in the film chamber door shows this frame number window plus a label on back of the cartridge giving film details.

The small dimensions allowed designers to create small pocketable camera that had an aspect very different from the traditional 35mm cameras, even if they had a marked resemblance with the older sub miniature 16mm cameras. The pocketability and ease of loading made 110 popular very quickly. The design of the cartridges had a very basic system of notches in a tab on the end to indicate film speed, but few cameras took advantage of this, and many film cartridges did not even have the required notches.